August 4, 1999
Mealane Corp. Announces Recall of Star Fire Sprinklers

Mealane Corp. of Philadelphia, Pa. is voluntarily recalling up to 1 million "Star" brand fire sprinklers manufactured from 1961 through 1976. These sprinklers could fail in a fire, exposing the public to bodily injury or death. These sprinklers have been installed nationwide, primarily in nursing homes. They also may be found in hospitals, schools, resorts, stores, office buildings, warehouses and supermarkets.

Sixty-seven (67) percent of the sprinklers that were removed from locations across the country and submitted for testing to independent testing laboratories, such as by Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual Research Corp. failed to activate as they should.

The Star sprinklers being recalled are dry-type models D-1, RD-1, RE-1, E-1 and ME-1 made from 1961 through 1976. The name "Star" appears on the sprinkler, along with the model number and date of manufacture. With "dry-type" sprinklers, portions of the pipe do not have water in them until the sprinkler activates. The former Star Sprinkler Co., of Philadelphia, Pa., sold its assets and changed its name in June 1976 and became known as Mealane Corp.

Consumers and property owners should determine whether their facilities contain these recalled sprinklers and if so, call the Star Sprinkler Recall Hotline at (800) 866-7807 or access the website at to participate in the recall. Mealane will provide free replacement sprinkler heads and reimbursement for the labor costs of removing and replacing the old units.