October 17, 2000
Power Tool Manufacturers Announces Recall of Various Power Tools

Three power tool manufacturers are recalling about 180,000 power tools. The switches on these power tools, which were manufactured by Eaton Corp, of Cleveland, Ohio, can stick. The tools can continue to operate after the trigger has been released, posing a risk of injury to consumers. S-B Power Tools Co., of Chicago, Ill., is recalling Bosch-brand drills; Makita U.S.A. Inc., of La Mirada, Calif., is recalling Makita-brand rotary hammers, drills and screwdrivers; and Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., of Brookfield, Wis., is recalling Milwaukee Electric Tool-brand band saws. The firms have received one report of a Bosch drill switch sticking in the on position. No injuries have been reported.

The following chart lists the power tools included in this recall. The model number can be found written on the power tool.

Tool Manufacturer             Recalled Tools                     Model Numbers of                                             Hotline Number
                                                                                              Recalled Tools

S-B Power Tool Co.          Bosch-brand drills                1011VSR, 1012VSR,                                         (800) 661-5398
                                                                                              1013VSR, 1014VSR,
                                                                                              1030VSR, 1031VSR,
                                                                                              1032VSR, 1033VSR,
                                                                                              1034VSR, 1035VSR

Makita U.S.A. Inc.             Rotary hammers,                   HR2410, HR2420,                                             (800) 462-5482
                                             hammer drills,                         HP2040, HP1501K
                                            drills & screwdrivers             6407, 6408, 6408K,
                                                                                              6410, 6821

Milwaukee Electric           Variable speed                        6227, 6230, 6232-6   (800) 274-9804
Tool Corp.                            band saws                             and 6234 (800) 274-9804

Home center and hardware stores, industrial distributors, and factory service dealers sold these recalled power tools from January 2000 through September 2000 for between $55 and $500. Consumers should stop using these power tools immediately and contact the tool manufacturer to receive a free replacement tool or tool repair.