November 14, 2000
Emerson Tool Co. Announces Recall of Craftsman® Radial Arm Saws Sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Emerson Tool Co., of St. Louis, Mo., is recalling about 3.7 million Craftsman® radial arm saws for repair. These radial arm saws were sold without a guard that covers the entire blade. Consumers have come into contact with the blade or have been hit by pieces of wood kicked back by the saws, resulting in severe injuries. Emerson has received about 300 reports of injuries while using these saws. Injuries include hand and finger amputations; lacerated hands, arms and fingers; fractured hands and fingers; and facial injuries.

Emerson is offering a free repair kit that provides a complete blade guard. Consumers should stop using their Craftsman® radial arm saws immediately and call Emerson Tool Co. to determine if their saw is recalled and to ensure that they have proper safety and use instructions. Consumers should have the model and serial numbers of there saw available when they call.

The recalled Craftsman® 8-, 8¼-, 9- and 10-inch radial arm saws have a model number beginning with 113, usually located on the base of the saw. The brand name "Craftsman®" and store name "Sears" are written on the saws. Sears's stores and catalogs sold the 8-, 9- and 10-inch saws from 1958 through 1992. The 8¼-inch saws were sold from 1990 through 1995. The saws sold for between $100 and $700, depending on the model, year purchased and accessories.

For older model saws and others that cannot accept the new guard, Emerson will provide $100 for the return of the saw carriage. Consumers must contact Emerson to receive a free repair kit or to return their saw carriage. Saws should not be returned to Sears.

The new guarding system provides a substantial safety improvement over guarding systems manufactured before 1993. Even if consumers have purchased a lower guard for their saw, they should still replace it with the new guard system. For more information, call Emerson at (800) 511-2628 anytime, or visit the firm's web site at Emerson Tool Co. Contact: Walt Sharp (314) 982-0567