November 22, 2000
Cooper Lighting Announces Recall of Recessed Lights

Cooper Lighting, of Elk Grove Village, Ill., is recalling about 34,000 recessed lights. The glass ring exterior portion or trim of these lights can fall from the fixture, posing a risk of lacerations and impact injuries.

Cooper Lighting has received four reports of glass rings falling from these light fixtures. In two incidents, consumers were hit on the head causing lacerations and bumps.

These recessed lights were sold from catalogs under Halo Brand Metropolitan Ice Series #945 and #1945. They have blue, rose and frosted clear glass rings that are about 5 inches in diameter. The glass ring assembly snaps into an installed ceiling fixture recessed light housing. Once installed, only the glass is visible. Only model numbers 945, 945H, 945BLUE, 945BLH, 945ROSE, 945ROH, 1945, 1945H, 1945BLUE, 1945BLH, 1945ROSE, and 1945ROH are involved in this recall. The model number appears on a white stick-on label on the black trim ring. Consumers should turn off the power before checking their lights. Consumers that have recessed lights with 5-inch exterior glass rings should call Cooper Lighting. The firm will provide instructions on how to remove the glass ring assembly to check lights to see if they are part of this recall. Home Depot catalogs, electricians, and electrical supply companies sold these lights nationwide from September 1996 through October 2000 for about $40.

Consumers with the recalled lights will receive free replacement trims. The firm will send consumers free shipping labels to return the trims. For more information, call Cooper Lighting at (800) 954-7145 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or write to: Cooper Lighting, 1121 Highway 74 South, Peachtree City, GA 30269.