July 15, 1999
Reebok Announces Recall of Children's Side Zip Sneakers

Reebok International Ltd., of Stoughton, Mass., is recalling about 140,000 children's side zip sneakers. The sneaker's side pocket has a pull tab on the zipper that can be twisted off, presenting a choking and ingestion hazard to children.

The sneakers being recalled are the Reebok Classic Leather Zip, sold in toddler and child sizes up to size 9. Each sneaker has a small zippered pocket on the side. The zipper's pull tab is imprinted with the Reebok name and logo. When unzipped, the Reebok name and logo appear. "Reebok Classic" is on the front of the sneaker's tongue. The sneakers are made in Indonesia and China. The sneakers come in the following colors and styles. The style number is on the back of the sneaker's tongue, just below the "RA" number.

Toddler sizes                                                             Child sizes

Style number             Color                                                                 Style number             Color

81-46353                 White/gold                                                             71-46351                 White/gold

81-46354                 Black/gold                                                              71-46352                  Black/gold

81-46395                 White/green                                                           71-46394                  White/green

81-47286                 White/copper                                                         71-47282                 White/copper

81-47287                 Black/copper                                                           71-47283                 Black/copper

81-47288                 White/blue                                                               71-47284                 White/blue

81-47289                 Black/blue                                                                 71-47285                 Black/blue

81-48115                 White/silver                                                               71-47438               White/silver

81-48116                 Black/silver                                                                 71-47439               Black/silver

                                                                                                                      71-49204             White/garnet

Family shoe, children's shoe, athletic and sporting goods stores nationwide sold the sneakers from September 1998 through June 1999 for about $32 to $40.

Consumers should take the sneakers away from their children immediately and return the sneakers to the store where purchased for a refund or exchange. For more information about this recall, consumers should call Reebok at (800) 648-5550 between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. EDT Monday through Friday or visit their web site at www.reebok.com/recall.htm.

Reebok Contact: Dave Fogelson
(781) 401-7792

Reebok International Ltd.
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Stoughton, MA 02072
TEL: 781-401-5000