January 23, 2003

Hufco-Delaware Company and Evenflo Company Inc. Announce Recall to Repair Gerry® and Evenflo® Portable Wood Cribs


Hufco-Delaware Company, of Miamisburg, Ohio, and Evenflo Company Inc., of Vandalia, Ohio, are recalling about 364,000 portable wood cribs. If the hardware used to assemble the crib is not tight, the mattress support platform and mattress can fall to the floor. This poses a risk of injury to young children in the crib.

The portable cribs are made of wood and are smaller than traditional baby cribs. The majority of these portable wood cribs were sold under the Gerry® brand name, and some were sold under the Evenflo® brand name. The recalled portable wood cribs have one of the following model numbers that can be found on a label on the mattress platform underneath the mattress:

8212          8222          8232          8242          8252          8282

8301          8302          8311          8312          8321          8322          8331

8332          8341          8342          8351          8352          8381          8382

8512          8522          8532          8542          8552          8582         

8712          8752                                                                                 

Department and baby products stores nationwide sold these portable wood cribs from January 1991 through December 2002 for about $99.

Consumers should stop using these portable wood cribs immediately, and call (800) 582-9359 anytime for a free upgrade kit that provides additional support for the mattress platform. Consumers also can obtain further information about the portable wood cribs by logging onto www.evenflo.com (eventually this link will also be at www.portablewoodcrib.com).

No other cribs are included in this recall.