June 24, 1999
Evenflo Company, Inc. and Hufco-Delaware, Inc. Announces Recall to Replace Soft Infant Carriers

Evenflo Company Inc., of Vandalia, Ohio, and Hufco- Delaware Inc., of Miamisburg, Ohio, are recalling about 327,000 model 075 and 080 Snugli® Front & Back PackTM soft infant carriers. Small infants can shift to one side, slip through the leg openings of these carriers and fall. Infants under 2 months of age are at greatest risk. There are 13 reports of infants slipping through the leg openings of these carriers. One infant reportedly suffered a fractured skull and two infants received bruises in falls to the ground from the carrier.

These soft infant carriers have model numbers beginning with 075 and 080. The model number is on a tag inside the carrier which reads, "SOFT CARRIER/" and the model number. The brand name, "Snugli"®, is located on the outside of the carrier. The carriers are in color combinations of royal blue with magenta trim, teal with navy blue trim, and navy blue with purple trim. These carriers were designed for use as both a front carrier and a backpack carrier, and feature a unique vertical strap for adjustment of the seat height. Retail stores nationwide sold these carriers between January 1996 and May 1999 for about $40.

Consumers should immediately stop using these carriers and call Evenflo at (800) 398-8636 anytime to receive instructions on how to exchange their carrier for a free, new carrier with smaller leg openings.

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