July 1, 1997
Shimano Announces Recall of Bicycle Components

Shimano American Corp. of Irvine, Calif., is voluntarily recalling more than 1 million cranks installed on bicycles in North America. The crank is used to connect the pedal to the frame of the bike. If the crank breaks, the rider's leg can be injured by contact with the broken crank or the rider can lose control of the bike, fall and be injured.

Shimano has received more than 630 reports of cranks breaking in North America resulting in 22 injuries, including cuts and fractures.

The cranks have been installed on more than 200 models of bicycles manufactured since 1994 and sold under at least 49 brand names. Most bicycle manufacturers have sold bicycles that are involved in this recall. The cranks also may have been installed as an upgrade as part of the Altus, Acera and Alivio groups of components. The cranks are numbered FC-CT90, FC-M290 and FC-MC12. These numbers are located on the back or inner side of the right crank arm.

Consumers should check their bicycles' crank assemblies. If they are involved in this recall, consumers should stop using their bicycles immediately and call Shimano at 800-353-4719 to arrange for the free replacement and installation of a new crank assembly at a nearby authorized repair shop. Consumers can also arrange for the free replacement with their bicycle dealers.

List of 49 bicycle brands that may have installed Shimano cranks:

Alpinestar                       Iron Horse                          Norco                             Specialized
Balance                            Jamis                                   Novara                           Schwinn
Bianchi                             Kona                                   Oryx                               Scott
Caloi                                 L.L. Bean                            Parkpre                           Signature
Cannondale                     Marin                                  Pavan                             Softride
Cycle Pro                         Maxam                                Performance                  Terry Precision
Diamondback                  Mikado                               Peugeot                         Timberline
Dirt Research                  Mongoose                         Proflex                             Trek
Fisher                               Mtn. Tek                             Raleigh                           Univega
Fuji                                    Motiv                                  Research Dynamics     Victoria Precision
GT                                     Murray                                Roadmaster
Giant                                 Nashbar                              Ross
Huffy                                Nishiki                                 Royce Union

Other brands also may have installed Shimano cranks. Consumers should check their bicycles.