November 13, 1997
Polaris Announces Recall of Snowmobiles

Polaris Industries Inc. of Minneapolis, Minn., is voluntarily recalling about 20,670 snowmobiles to replace their steering pitman arms, which is part of the steering mechanism. The snowmobile's steering pitman arm can crack in the weld area, and consumers can lose control of the snowmobile and crash.

The following snowmobiles are involved in this recall:
Model Year and Name                         Model Number

1997 440 XC                                             0971760
1997 XCF                                                  0971643
1997 600 XC                                             0971776 and E971776
1997 600 XCR                                           0975677 and E975677
1997 600 XCR SE                                     H975677
1997 700 SKS                                           097566 and E970566
1997 700 RMK                                         0970966
1997 Ultra SP                                           0970678
1997 Ultra SPX                                        0975678 and E975678
1997 Ultra SPX SE                                  H975678
1998 600 RMK                                         0970958
1998 XLT SP                                            0985776
1998 600 XCR                                          0975677
1998 700 RMK                                         0970966
1998 700 XCR                                           0975678

Polaris previously has sent direct mail notification of this recall to dealers and registered owners. The model number is on the identification plate on the right side of the snowmobile's tunnel, close to where the operator's ankle would be if seated on the snowmobile. Polaris dealers nationwide sold the snowmobiles from March 1996 through October 1997 for between $6,200 and $7,700, depending on the model.

Consumers should stop using these snowmobiles immediately and contact their Polaris dealer to have the steering pitman arm replaced for free. For the location of the nearest Polaris dealer, consumers should call (800) POLARIS between 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. EST Monday through Friday.