February 7, 2001                  

National Shooting Sports Foundation Announces Recall to Replace Project HomeSafe Gun Locks


The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), of Newtown, Conn., is voluntarily recalling about 400,000 gun locks for replacement. Under certain conditions, these locks can open without the use of a key. This can give unauthorized access to a firearm. The NSSF and its lock supplier, Adstar Inc., of Merrick, N.Y., are unaware of any instances of unauthorized access by adults or children.

The locks resemble a bicycle cable lock and have a red cable with a black padlock. Red vinyl bands around the top and bottom of the locks read, "PROJECT" and "HOMESAFE." "MADE IN CHINA" and "30mm" are imprinted on the bottom of the locks. The gun locks were distributed in clear plastic cylinders with Project HomeSafe literature. The gun locks were distributed nationwide by NSSF as part of its Project HomeSafe Campaign for safe firearm storage. Law enforcement agencies distributed the gun locks free of charge from September 1999 through October 2000.

Recipients of the Project HomeSafe gun locks should call (800) 726-6444 anytime to receive a free replacement gun lock. Until the replacement gun lock is received, keep the original Project HomeSafe lock installed on the firearm. Consumers are reminded to never put a gun lock on a loaded gun, and to take extra precautions to make sure the gun is secure to keep kids safe.

The replacement lock has an improved locking mechanism and a thicker braided-steel cable. With the announcement of this replacement lock program, NSSF is resuming Project HomeSafe and encourages communities to enroll in the nationwide program by having a law enforcement official contact the NSSF.

NSSF urges consumers to comply with all state and local laws requiring the use of gun locking devices. For more information on the safe handling and storage of firearms, visit the Project HomeSafe website at www.projecthomesafe.org. NSSF Contact: Bill Brassard    (203) 426-1320