June 11, 1998

Safety 1st Announces Recall to Replace Bouncing Buggy Toys

Safety 1st of Chestnut Hill, Mass., is voluntarily recalling to replace certain toy components on 106,000 Bouncing Buggies--a plastic car attached to a rocking base. The cat "Stop" sign and dog "Go" sign toys attached to the snack tray may be broken-off by a child, creating a sharp plastic edge.

Safety 1st has received more than 700 reports of children breaking-off the toys while sitting in the buggy. There have been 33 reports of children being scratched, cut or bruised from the broken-off toys, and one report of a child starting to choke.

The Bouncing Buggy is a plastic car permanently attached to a rocking base. A child is placed in the car's swivel seat to play with the steering wheel, horn, shifter, keys and the snack tray cat and dog sign toys. The recalled cat and dog sign toys are attached to rods (like sign posts), which are attached to the snack tray at the rear of the car. Each component is made of colorful plastic. "Safety 1st" appears between the car's headlights. The toys involved can be identified by the "Product No. 45606" found in raised lettering on the bottom of the rocking base. Toy stores nationwide sold the Bouncing Buggy from May 1997 through April 1998 for about $50.

Some of these toys may be more susceptible to breakage than others. Consumers should check the products by pushing or pulling on both the cat and dog sign toys in all directions several times. If either toy breaks or shows signs of breaking, consumers should remove the toys from the tray immediately. ALL consumers should call Safety 1st at (800) 723-3065 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EDT for free replacement toys with installation instructions. Consumers also can write to: Safety 1st, Inc., 210 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167.