March 24, 1999
Peg Perego Announces Recall of Children's Riding Vehicles

Peg Perego USA Inc., of Fort Wayne, Ind., is recalling about 274,000 battery-powered children's riding vehicles for repair. Pedals can stick and electrical components can overheat, presenting fire and injury hazards to children.

Peg Perego has received about 320 reports of electrical components overheating or pedals sticking. Thirty fires have been reported, resulting in one child suffering second-degree burns to his hand and at least $55,000 in property damage. One child suffered a concussion and six children received bruises when accelerator pedals stuck and the vehicles hit trees, fences, walls or parked automobiles.

The Peg Perego vehicles being recalled run on 12 volts, powered by two 6-volt batteries, and were manufactured before December 1997. The vehicles are made of plastic and have been sold under the following model names: Corral 270, Diablo, Dragon, Gaucho, Gaucho Grande, Gaucho High Torque, Gaucho Sport, Magica, Magnum, Ranger GT, Thunderbolt, Thundercat, and Tornado. The model name and Peg Perego appear on each vehicle. The company will help consumers identify if their model is part of the recall. Peg Perego vehicles are intended for children 3 to 8 years old, and the vehicles' speed ranges from 2.5 to 5 mph, depending on the model. Toy stores and retail catalogs sold the vehicles nationwide from 1990 through 1997 for about $100 to $550.

Consumers should remove the vehicles' batteries right away and not let children use the vehicles until the repair has been made. Consumers should contact Peg Perego at (888) 893-7903 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday or at to order a free repair kit, which can be installed by the consumer or by an authorized Peg Perego service center. Service centers will not have repair kits.

Peg Perego USA Inc.
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