July 31, 2001         

Burger King and Alcone Announce Recall of Two Kids Meal Toys


Burger King Corporation, of Miami, Fla., and Alcone Marketing Group, of Irvine, Calif., are recalling a combined total of 2.6 million "Hourglass Space Sprout" and "Look for Me Bumblebee" toddler toys. The toys can break causing small beads or balls to be released, which poses a choking or aspiration hazard to young children. The toys were distributed in Burger King® Kids Meals for children under three years old. Burger King Corporation has received 18 reports of the toys breaking. There are six incidents where children had the balls or beads in their mouth, but no injuries were reported.

The "Hourglass Space Sprout" is a multi-colored toy with a green, smiling head; a clear hourglass, filled with beads; and two red balls with yellow spots as arms. The "Look for Me Bumblebee" has a purple base with a green leaf, a yellow head, and three rings that fit over the head. When the recalled toys are shaken the beads inside make a rattle sound. On the back of the toys are the words, "Sassy®," "Burger King™," and "MADE IN CHINA." The packaging says, "Toddler Toys For Kids Under Three Years Old." Burger King® restaurants nationwide distributed the toys inside Kids Meals from January 2001 through July 2001. Alcone Marketing Group imported the toys for Burger King Corporation.

Parents should immediately take the toys away from children and call (800) 661-9173 for instructions on returning the toy for a free, replacement toy. Information also is available at Burger King Corporation's web site at www.burgerking.com.  

Burger King Media Contact: Kim Miller (305) 378-7277