February 21, 2002

Graco Announces Replacement Instructions for Activity Tray


Graco Children's Products, Inc., of Elverson, Pa., is providing a new instruction sheet for installing the suction cups on about 8,900 Snack and Activity Trays. The Snack and Activity Trays are sold with detached suction cups that the consumer installs. If the suction cups are not properly attached, they can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.

The Snack and Activity Tray can attach to high chairs, strollers, swings and other flat surfaces. There are four toys on each tray, including a toucan with a rainbow colored beak, a clear ball with colored beads inside, a yellow star with a mirror on one side and a green dog. "Mix 'N Move™" is molded on the toucan, ball and dog. The toys are removable and interchangeable with other Mix 'N Move™ toys, which are purchased separately. Discount, department and juvenile product stores, including Sears, nationwide sold these activity trays from August 2001 through February 2002 for about $15.

Consumers should stop using these products immediately. To receive a new instruction sheet, consumers should contact Graco at (800) 345- 4109 anytime. Consumers also can visit the firm's web site at http://www.gracobaby.com/SecondLevel.asp?redir=/Sections/RecallInformation/Default.asp", where a new instruction sheet can be printed immediately.